Role of Department Rep

Department Representatives act as facilitators between the Class Representatives and the Module Leaders. Their responsibilities include creating their own record of the conversation and resolutions/ differences that they note. The Department Rep should consult the report received to them by the Class Representative if they are not already a registered Class Representative in that module.

The Department Rep must include all Class Representative in any correspondence and request a meeting with everyone present. If you are unsure about all the Class Representatives involved, please email for the updated list.

You have a hugely important role on Council. Duties include:

  • Introduce yourself to your Course Leader as soon as you are elected and request a virtual meeting. (See Appendix One for sample email to Course Leader).
  • Attend all Council meetings. 
  • Send apologies to the Chair of Council & copy Student Representation Coordinator if you are unable to attend meetings.
  • Bring forward department issues & interests to Council meetings
  • Bring updates from Student Council to students in your department.
  • Liaising with class reps regularly is very important as issues may arise for students on academic issues (email to request class rep list. (See Appendix Two for sample email to Class Reps).
  • Seek additional support from Faculty Rep / Faculty Officer & Academic Officer.
  • Attend NStEP training as it will give you important skills to help you fulfil your role. Log onto the link here for more information  
  • As a member of Student Council you hold your Executive to account through participation on Council. This is furthered by having an Executive Oversight Committee (made up of Student Council members).

Please note: every Council member can volunteer to sit on the Executive Oversight Committee. Follow the link to see more.

Remember it is not your responsibility to support students with personal issues. Encourage students to Book a call with Student Information & Support Co-ordinators (SISC).

Useful Links & Resources

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