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Leverage Your Leadership


About This Course

Leverage Your Leadership is a programme designed for busy professionals. Our aim is to empower you with practical tools that will enable you to perform at your best in work and in life.

Packed with insightful videos, workbooks and a reading list for inspiration, we have designed this on demand programme to help you develop your inner leader.

Our curated content that will help you recharge your approach to how you lead within your staff or team and your organisation.

How can you access this course?

In this course you will learn

  • Understand the key elements of Leadership
  • Develop the skillset and mindset associated with Leadership
  • Master key skills of Communication
  • Learn the processes for High Performing Teams
  • Craft your own Leadership Vision and Mission
  • Learn about the Habits of Success for Inspiring Leaders

Why should you do this course?

Core Topic Areas

Vision & Purpose


Habits of High Performance

Self Management

Self Awareness


About our Trainers


Mindflex Academy give you the chance to get certification. When you complete the Leadership Programme you will receive a Certificate of Completion and also will receive a social media graphic that you can share on your social channels to show your investment in yourself as a leader!