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We are delighted to be joining you on this journey of becoming a successful Interest Group Councillor. We have created an Induction Pack to help you settle in. Throughout this module you will see some of the key components of your role referenced, but we also advise that you download the pdf under the useful links and resources refer to it throughout your time as an Interest Group Councillor!

Meet Katie!

Hi there! My name is Katie Martin, your Communities Officer for the 23/24 academic year. I am a proud Galway girl, but Limerick has been my home away from home for the past few years. I have just finished my master’s in marketing Consumption and Society and previously studied my undergraduate in Journalism and New Media here at UL.

I decided to get involved because I passionately believe in the power of the student voice. During my time as a UL student, I saw first-hand the impact using your voice can have – from advocating for our new Student Centre to protesting the cost of living and accommodation crisis.

Communities are a vital part of being a student in UL, and I want to help give back to all those that made my time here such an enjoyable experience… So good that I decided one degree wasn’t enough!

This year I’ll be running drop-in meetups, workshops and social events designed to give you a platform and help you network with other students and groups that can support you.

I want UL to be a more inclusive and engaging environment for students, which I hope to achieve by working closely with as many students as possible, using the power of your voice and platforming it across all aspects of campus life.

I am a big believer in educate, don’t discriminate, so I need you to help me with just that! Together we can be proactive in making change, voicing concerns and bringing thoughts to action.

My door is always open so don’t be afraid to call in, drop me an email or pick up the phone. There’s little that can’t be solved with a chat! Feel free to reach out to me a studentcommunities@ul.ie

Meet Emily!

Hello everybody!

My name is Emily Rosenkranz, and I am your Student Life Welfare Officer for the 2023/24 academic year. I am from Westport in Co. Mayo, and I have just finished my four years studying Psychology and Sociology here in UL.

I decided to get involved in this role as I have always been passionate about the student experience and believe that emphasising the student voice is crucial when advocating for change within our university.

As your Welfare Officer, I am here to support you with any issues that may arise while you are studying in the university. Although college is full of excitement and fun, it is very normal to run into some challenges. I can help with all aspects of student life that are not academic related, such as your general well-being, financial issues, and your physical, mental, and sexual health. Alongside supporting and advising students, I attend numerous committee meetings where I put your welfare first and ensure the student wellbeing is always prioritized. I will also be running welfare campaigns and events all year long here on campus.

I am so excited to work alongside all of you interest group councillors under the Student Events and Student Experience Chairpersons this year on council and to hear your amazing ideas and perspectives.

When it comes to how you can help me, I encourage you all to continue to be passionate about your specific role and the cohort of students that you are advocating for. To do this, you will need to attend every student council meeting and keep up with your student emails and teams. Come along with all of your ideas and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. Take the time to be creative, a unique part of your role is that you can shape it to support your ambitions and to help others.

If you would ever like to discuss an issue or need some friendly advice, regarding your role as an interest group councillor, please come into my office located in the Student Life Building. You can also contact me by email at studentwelfare@ul.ie. I can promise you there is no issue too big or too small.

Useful Links & Resources

Interest Group Councillor Induction Pack