The Role of Feedback

In this module we will guide you through the process of harnessing good qualitative data from your class to use in feedback to your module leader and/or other.

As Student Representatives, you have put yourself forward to be an advocate of Student Democracy to make UL a better place. ULSL and your classmates thank you! Don’t forget, that it is imperative that the procedures and timelines are respected, as non-quantifiable results or extended delays in returning on feedback can render the representation procedure null and void, especially in a time-bound issue. For this reason, we recommend that Student Representatives should be very comfortable with the Modular Feedback Procedure found in the resource section below.

Useful Links & Resources

Student Rep Structure Visual

While engaging with the representative democracy element of feedback, you will see phrases such as ‘statistically significant’ or ‘a group’ or ‘a proportion’ of your class. What do these phrases mean and how can you ensure that you have the correct type of feedback in order to resolve an issue? Check out the video below for more information.

Useful Links & Resources

How to Gather & Deliver Feedback
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Student Rep Modular Feedback Procedure