Help and Support

Our Student Information and Support Coordinators provide free, confidential, impartial, and non-judgemental service to all UL students. Book in with your Student Support & Information Coordinator. You can arrange a call via either:

  • Phone call
  • Video call
  • In-person

We will try to help you to resolve your problem or connect you with the right person. The SISC Team can assist you with queries relating to your academic affairs and welfare.

Students access the service for advice on a range of topics, including accommodation, accessing mental health support services, managing financial issues, resolving exam, lecture, or assessment issues, and complaints.

Please note: This is the UL Student Life support service, and therefore, it is independent of the university.

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Below is a short interview with Brene Brown, an American professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host. Brown is known in particular for her research on shame, vulnerability and leadership, and for her widely viewed TEDx talk in 2010. In this interview, Brene talks about how some of the most compassionate people she has met also have the most boundaries. It is really important as a student representative that you understand that your role is to signpost students to the correct supports and services. Gillian dives deeper into the area of boundaries further on in the module.

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